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Coral Rose Birthday Manicure

Today I have my birthday manicure to show you :D I turned 27 on Saturday and I've had such a lovely weekend! It was sooo freezing the day before but the sun has been shining the past two days, very lucky!! I decided to do a coral coloured manicure to match my dress I was wearing for my birthday drinks. I used the beautiful Nails Inc Wellington Square. I used 3 thin coats for perfect coverage. This is a beautiful peachy colour! I then painted on orange roses. They look red in the photos but they do look more of an orange colour in person. I used gold acrylic paint for the leaves.

I then decided to use some studs on my ring finger. I don't actually own any gold studs, but I remember the wonderful Tamit24 mentioning painting hers so I painted some silver and black ones from The bottom two photos show how I did this. I simply applied a quick dry base coat to a plastic sheet and used a cocktail stick to line up the studs on the sheet. I then painted them all with Barry M Gold Foil paint and peeled them off when dry. I used 3mm studs, 2mm studs and 1.5mm studs. I will be using these in their original colour in a future post :)

What do you think? I hope you aren't bored of roses!! you can see the dress below that I wore out for my birthday too, as you can see I'm a huge fan of roses, hehe :)

p.s. I had a total disaster with my ring finger and sliced half of the free edge off with my razor in the shower :( so please excuse the uneven nails.

I hope you've all had a lovely weekend!

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Nails Beautiqued Created on: 5/26/2013 6:55 PM
Char, you are so cute and I love your dress.  I will never get tired of roses they are my favorite too!  I never thought about coloring studs which is a great idea.  Your nails are beautiful as usual :)
Tamit24 Created on: 5/26/2013 11:03 PM
Happy Birthday to you, happy Birthday to you....!!! Hope your all dreams come true :)
This design is perfect- you always paint roses so amazingly (once again I'm stunned because it's always so difficult for me to do any floral manis on my own). And... the pattern matches your beautiful dress! I love it!

The story about the razor makes me scared... Hope it'll be fine soon.

Thank you so much for a note about me :* you are so cute!
CC Created on: 5/26/2013 11:47 PM
Aww Char your floral designs are always gorgeous!! But this time, I should say, you'r more beautiful with that dress!! Hehehe. Can't believe you already turning 27!! You looks like 20-22 in my eyes!! :D
Anyway I love the base color you used here, very matching with the red roses!! And that studs, good idea!! 10 out of 10!! :D
CC Created on: 5/26/2013 11:51 PM
Ah, I forget to say, Happy Birthday dear Char!! Hope everything the best for you!! <3 :)
I want to say this in your next post, but It's probably will late, so I just say it now. Hehe. Keep up the good work Char. I always be a fan of your designs :)))
Mina Created on: 5/27/2013 1:45 AM
Honey, we can never grow tired of YOUR roses :)
These are gorgeous as always and I love that you paired them to match your dress! Hope you had a wonderful day and happy belated birthday! :D

ps. that mishap you had with your razor :( I hate when that happens, but I usually get it either when grating or cutting vegetables while cooking! Your nails still look beautiful and it's not very noticeable, trust me! ;)
Char Created on: 5/27/2013 3:00 AM
Aww thanks so much my lovely girlies :D
i'm really glad you aren't bored of roses yet, as I will no doubt do more in the future :)
Yeah I felt like crying when I'd sliced off my nail.  I guess I'm lucky it caught the free edge rather than my skin though!! I will be more careful when shaving now on though haha,
And CC thank you, you've made my day because I feel OLD now, haha :P xx
Laura Created on: 5/27/2013 12:12 PM
Happy birthday !!
This is the first time I see a picture of you !

It's really beautiful ! I see a lot of flowers on your nails !
Char Created on: 5/27/2013 2:03 PM
Thank you Laura! haha yes, I love my flowers :) xx
Lisa Robinson Created on: 5/27/2013 2:30 PM
Happy Birthday for Saturday, glad you have a good weekend. Your nails are so stunning you are super talented.

Really like your dress too.
CC Created on: 5/27/2013 7:00 PM
Ah, sorry Char. I mean, you still look so young >_<
Young and soooooo talented! Hehe. Peace :D
Char Created on: 5/28/2013 2:01 AM
Aww thanks so much Lisa! :) xx
Oh sorry CC that was me wording it wrong, I took it as a compliment don't worry.  I meant I was feeling old before you said that :D xx
Ceitie Created on: 6/1/2013 10:39 AM
Belated Happy Birthday!
I just could read the post yet, so I'm a little late but I wish you all the best :-)
Your dress is gorgeous and so are your nails - love it! <3
Vic Created on: 6/2/2013 5:50 AM
The flowers are excellent!
QueenMiSeRy Created on: 6/3/2013 2:14 AM
Charlotte, this manicure is stunning! Love the colour combo, your roses are great and studs fit perfeclty!

And,,,well, Happy Birthday even if I'm late!
Char Created on: 6/3/2013 10:29 AM
Thanks girls and thank you for the birthday wishes :D (I don't mind belated wishes hehe) xx
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