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Nail Lacquer Younger Again Swatches

As promised it's my second post of the day! Until recently UK indie brands were unheard of, but suddenly we have some amazing ones appearing! Today I am going to show you a new UK Indie, made by a very talented girl who runs the blog Not only is she brilliant at nail art, but she has such an eye for design and you can see this with the polishes she's created and the amazing bottles with handmade charms!

She kindly sent me two of her polishes in mini size (4ml) to review. First of all I am going to show you Younger Again. This is a beautiful polish with white, teal and lime green hex and square glitters of various sizes in a light mint green/blue jelly base. The polish is quite sheer but very easy to apply. Below you can see a photo of the polish with two thin coats; I decided to use 4 thin coats for the rest of the photos as this gave the best coverage. I imagine it'd look great with undies too but what I love about building up sheer glitter polishes like this is the depth you get. You can see all the little glitters in each layer. As I've said before, I'm not usually a fan of minis but this polish was a breeze to apply even with its dinky bottle! Probably helped by the fact my nails are not quite as long as they were before too! I love how she's added her little sticker at the bottom :D

Now her polish bottles get even more amazing because on some of the full size ones she adds handmade charms (see photo below). These are just adorable! I can't wait to pick up some full size bottles with charms and though some people might not want to pay extra for charms, I have my polishes on displays in my room so I like the bottles to look as pretty as possible :)

You can purchase these adorable polishes on the nail lacquer etsy store, she has a wide range of polishes available. Each mini polish (4ml) is £3.50 and full sized (10ml) range from £5.50-£7.50. You can get 10% off using the code TENOFF !

I've another beautiful polish to show you next time too! What do you think of Nail Lacquers creation? Do you love the charms as much as me too? :D

 Nail Lacquer Younger Again Swatch  Nail Lacquer Younger Again Swatch Nail Lacquer Younger Again Swatch Nail Lacquer Younger Again Swatch  Nail Lacquer Younger Again Swatch  Nail Lacquer Younger Again Swatch  Nail Lacquer Younger Again Swatch Nail Lacquer Younger Again Swatch Nail Lacquer Younger Again Swatch

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Mina Created on: 8/13/2013 3:05 PM
Is that a lemon merengue pie slice?! How adorable is that?!!?!? :) Awwwww!
I wish I could have my polish bottles on display as well (they'd surely look awesome), but, with three kitty kats running around, that would be like wanting trouble ;)
I love your reviews! They're not boringly detailed, rather giving you all you need to know about the polish in a concise way :D This baby looks gorgeous and I finally got the point of multiple layers with glitter polishes. I'm a one, maximum two, coater girl and I never really understood the whole too many layers scheme, but now I finally see it! :) The depht achieved IS something!
UKNailRunner Created on: 8/13/2013 3:26 PM
This is so pretty! I've tried a couple of polishes from this lady, and I agree they're great. It's so good to have indies here in the UK :D
Char Created on: 8/14/2013 2:33 AM
Aw thanks Mina, really glad you like my reviews, means a lot :D
Yes, I too didn't used to understand why you'd want so many layers but it's definitely worth it! With cremes however I'd be annoyed to do more than 2 layers :P xx

UKNailRunner thanks so much! Ooh off to check your blog now to see your swatches! Always love your pics! xx
Jay Created on: 8/14/2013 8:32 AM
QueenMiSeRy Created on: 8/21/2013 11:39 AM
Amazing! That little bottle, then, is really cute <3
I'm glad to read of new indie makers! It's a pity that RM avoids outsideUK delivery :(
Char Created on: 9/2/2013 1:45 PM
Thank you lovelies :) I do love this polish xx
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