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Photo of Char, creator of so you beautyWelcome to so you beauty! I'm Charlotte, aka Char, a 27 year old beauty addict from England.  I currently work as a web designer/developer so I am a geek at heart.  I have an engineering degree in computer science, but I am also extremely girly!

I've loved makeup ever since I can remember and am never out the house without my nails looking all pretty and at least some eyeliner & mascara! My first love was for Mac Pigments and I am always experimenting with eye makeup designs.  I've recently found a love for nail art too and I absolutely love to be creative with my nails.  I love to look at other people's wonderful designs too.

This site is mainly being used as my beauty blog where I will post all my newest nail art designs, review polishes and other items.  You can also see all the hand painted nail sets I've designed since starting my obsession.  I really hope you enjoy looking and please comment if you get the time too, it makes me really happy to know my blog is being enjoyed :)

The design of the site is very girly and probably quite OTT to some people but it reflects me.  I love bright, bold patterns.

Why So You Beauty?

I first got into web designing when I was a young teenager at school.  I owned a domain called which was actually pretty popular at the time.  It offerered tutorials, free graphics and other bits.  It's rather outdated now but it's still up! I am thinking about bringing it back properly one day.  So you has because of that become my brand name.  My design company is called So You Designs.

If you'd like an unbiased review of your product to appear on my site, please contact me.  You can find my disclosure policy on my contact page.

All designs/swatches in my blog posts are shown on my own natural nails, unless specified otherwise.

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